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There are plenty of vehicles in Crackdown, whether they be Agency vehicles, civilian vehicles or gang vehicles.

Agency Vehicles | Peacekeeper Vehicles | Civilian Vehicles | Los Muertos Vehicles | Volk Vehicles | Shai-Gen Vehicles

Agency Vehicles


Agency Supercar - The Agency Supercar is the fastest of the three Agency vehicles, and should be used for getting from A to B as quick as possible. In a collision, the Supercar will wedge under the other car and send it flying without causing much speed reduction; this makes it easy to get through traffic jams, but the car cannot jump from a Ramp Truck because it tries to wedge under the ramp, and the directional conflict jams it against the rear of the truck. The Supercar is only good for some of the Road Race events, not all, because speed aside, the car's width prevents it from fitting through the narrow passages in some races. Once you gain 4 stars in your Driving ability, the car will gain a pair of mounted machine guns. These guns do not aim independently; they point where the front of the car is pointing. Their power is likely related to the player's Firearms skill (they generate Firearm skill points when used). At 4 stars in Firearms, these guns can kill a foe with as little as one bullet, and a short volley is enough to disable or destroy most vehicles. An unrelated note is that the Supercar has a slight resemblance to the Batmobile, the car driven by Batman, due to its long, slim body, machine gun turrets, and exhaust pipes.
{Top Speed - Level 1 - 174, Level 2 - 186, Level 3 - 202, Level 4 - 222}


Agency SUV - The Agency SUV is slower than the Supercar, but slightly stronger, so it will last longer when being shot at or driving into objects. The SUV has large tires and a fantastic suspension that allows it to drive over most obstacles, even traffic. It has unnaturally long airtime and is useful for stunts as a result. Once you gain 4 stars in your Driving ability, the SUV will have the ability to climb walls by pressing and holding down the B button while driving. The same hydraulics that power this ability allow a 4-star SUV to pop itself into the air with a tap of the B button; doing this in conjunction with driving up a ramp dramatically increases jump distance.
{Top Speed - Level 1 - 151, Level 2 - 164, Level 3 - 177, Level 4 - 190}


Agency Truck - The Agency Truck is the slowest of the three, a bulky vehicle, intended for smashing through obstacles. Whilst it may be slow, it's stronger than the other two Agency vehicles. It has enough response to weave through traffic if need be, although its turning radius is unimpressive, especially at speed. The weight of the vehicle can be felt in its slow acceleration and its ability to pummel traffic. Once you gain 4 stars in your Driving ability, the Truck will have a nitrous boost, to make up for its lack of speed. This boost helps the Truck accelerate better, but it also unlocks the vehicle's full destructive potential. Accelerating to full boost speed will cause any vehicle rammed by the Truck to explode immediately, after being tossed a short distance. Using the boost in this manner can make the Truck unstoppable in traffic, but the driver must be sure to ram vehicles in such a way that they fly to the side of the road before exploding. If the rammed vehicle remains near the Truck, the blast will cause serious damage; it may only take three or four such mistakes to render the Truck useless.
{Top Speed - Level 1 - 148, Level 2 - 161, Level 3 - 174, Level 4 - 187}

Peacekeeper Vehicles

Agency Buggy - A dune buggy, complete with double wishbone suspension. It rides over anything – even when scaling near vertical surfaces, similar to the Agency SUV. The Buggy is useful for stunts because its air control is more responsive than that of the Agency SUV, but although it can drive over most rough obstacles, it cannot maintain a straight course while doing so; the suspension allows the front end to ride over bumps well, but the rear end is more stiff and tends to either hang up on obstacles or be tossed to one side or the other. A chain gun turret is featured on the roof and is aimed with the right stick. Like the infantry chain gun, this weapon takes time to spool up, but when it is firing at its full rate, it puts out a tremendous volume of bullets without overheating or needing to reload. The defensive capability provided by this weapon is useful because the Buggy leaves the Agent badly exposed to gunfire. Use LB to be able to aim and fire at the same time. {Top Speed - 170 mph}

Agency Race Car - A ridiculously powerful mono-cockpit race car, it is capable of acceleration that blows away everything else in the city. The car has incredible agility and instant response; its maneuvers are so rapid that the driver must take extreme caution to avoid oversteering. This agility allows it to dart easily through traffic, which is useful because it can't withstand the damage from collisions. Its top speed is very high, and for most of its speed range, it maintains its turning radius nicely, although at very high speeds, you'll want to use the car's excellent brakes to ease it into the corners. The tires grip the road very well, and despite the car's intense acceleration rate, traction is only likely to break when going over bumps, which is the car's weak point; it is very light and low to the ground, and any roughness in the road can nudge the car off course. Grip returns quickly after any disruption, though. This car's performance makes it spectacular for racing, but it is so fast and agile that it shouldn't be driven by anyone who isn't already comfortable with the feel of the game's driving mechanics. {Top Speed - 210 mph}

Agency Armored Vehicle - Like the Agency Truck, the AAV can smash through barricades with ease. The AAV has exceptional resistance to gunfire, and the driver will go nearly untouched by it, even under sustained direct fire on the cab. However, explosives can make short work of the vehicle. Despite its bulk, it can reach an impressive top speed, although it has sluggish acceleration from a dead stop. It has a decent turning radius, but response is slow. The brakes work nicely, although it is highly resistant to collision damage in the first place. This vehicle features a roof-mounted turret that can be aimed independently with the right stick. It fires auto-locking homing missiles similar to those fired by the Lobber. These missiles don't do much explosive damage, but they have significant blast force and can stop cars by either flipping them over or incinerating the occupants. The rockets home in poorly compared to the Firefly rockets, and although they can circle back towards their target if they miss, they often hit the AAV itself, causing heavy damage if they detonate near enough to the undercarriage. This problem can be reduced by not advancing towards the area the rockets were aimed at until they all impact. Use LB to aim and fire at the same time. {Top Speed - Estimated 170 mph, only really hits 140 mph}

Dispatch Vehicle - This vehicle is used by the Peacekeepers. They patrol the streets in this vehicle, and use its speed to get to gang locations quickly. It's actually faster than the Agency Supercar during your early Driving ability stages. This car can be found out on the streets, or in the Agency Garage. It can maintain a high top speed, and although its rear end slides gently around corners in high gear, the car is very controllable and stable to drive. It can withstand damage better than many other cars and will continue to perform decently when heavily damaged. It features a siren instead of a horn. {Top Speed - 175 mph}

Civilian Vehicles

Microcar - This tiny car doesn't impress with its speed, but its acceleration and handling are noteworthy. It is very steady and resistant to rollover, probably due to its wide wheelbase. It comes up short in cornering, but some controlled braking can help with this problem, and a tap of the handbrake will throw the tail out nicely, but with great cost to speed. The car's low weight allows the front wheels to lift off the ground during hard acceleration, which makes it more difficult to perform tight turns. Civilians often drive this car, but one can consistently be found in La Mugre in the boatyard outside the Agency tunnel entrance; exit the tunnel and immediately turn around, heading towards the Road Race marker. The car should be near the marker. {Top Speed - 120 mph}

Touring Bus - Tied with the SCUD Launcher for the game's largest vehicle, the Bus manages to perform rather well despite its weight and extraordinary length. Its top speed is lacking, but it corners well (at high speed, you'll want to at least let off the gas before putting the nose into the corner). The handbrake can swing the rear end around easily, perfect for lining up an exit from a tight turn. The Bus is somewhat vulnerable in terms of damage, especially undercarriage damage (this refers to explosions or collisions that strike the underside of a vehicle; these hits cause heavy damage to all of the game's vehicles, but because of their weight and length, large vehicles are particularly vulnerable. Scraping the underside while going over a bump or edge is a good example of this). The Bus can't be found parked anywhere, but it appears fairly frequently in the streets of the Corridor and sometimes in La Mugre. {Top Speed - 95 mph}

Ramp Truck - This vehicle serves one purpose; jumps! This is a truck with a huge ramp on the back, designed as a mobile jump opportunity. Civilians drive these once in a while, but they can also be found parked in various places around the city. Here are some key locations: in La Mugre, where a four-lane road curves near the entrance to the Funland amusement park, a Ramp Truck is parked outside a building (it's on the inside of the aforementioned corner). In the Den, one can be found in the center of a massive outdoor parking lot located next to the dockyard. In the Corridor, one is near the exit of the Agency tunnel; just leave the tunnel and turn left, and you'll soon see it on the left side of the street next to a long bridge. Getting a Ramp Truck where you need it can be a problem because they are too big to fit under some overhead objects like the elevated freeways in La Mugre, and the ramp drags on the ground over uneven road, which can lift the rear wheels off the ground and prevent the truck from moving forward. It helps to have 4 stars in Strength so you can carry and toss the truck if you need to (it can be easier to throw it over an obstacle, although its weight impairs throwing distance). If you're having trouble jumping your car off the ramp without crashing into it, try shooting out the tires on the Ramp Truck first. This will lower the ramp down to the ground to make your jump smoother. In terms of handling, the truck has a wide turning radius, very slow response, and little acceleration and speed to speak of. The handbrake is useless for slides but is a good way to check the truck's momentum. This vehicle is one of the game's better battering ram vehicles because it resists damage very well unless the ramp hits something overhead. {Top Speed - 115 mph}

Long-Nose Cab - This vehicle is similar in performance to the Agency Truck, although its acceleration and speed are outmatched by the latter. It requires lower speeds to turn well, and although it has plenty of weight for ramming, it doesn't resist damage particularly well. One of these can always be found just inside the entrance of Diaz's hideout. Other than this, Los Muertos drive it occasionally (although it never features their decals) and it may be found on very rare occasions being driven by civilians. {Top Speed - 112 mph}

Tractor Cab - A flat-nosed big rig tractor, this vehicle performs similarly to the Long-Nose Cab, but with some subtle differences. The Long-Nose Cab has slower turn response, but a slightly better turning radius. The Tractor Cab beats the Long-Nose Cab in acceleration and speed, but is less durable. Finding the Tractor Cab is very difficult; it is driven randomly and rarely by civilians. Your best chance of finding one is on or near the right-most (on the map) of the two roads joining La Mugre's islands. The freeways in La Mugre are the second-best places to look.

Garbage Truck - If you need a battering ram, look no further. The Garbage Truck has enormous weight and momentum and resists damage well. The trade-off is low top speed, sluggish handling, and mediocre brakes. It is also a bit top-heavy, so it will tip over more easily than other large vehicles. This vehicle is rare; it isn't parked anywhere and can most often be seen on the streets of the Corridor near the Agency tunnel entrance.

Tow Truck - This vehicle is huge and heavy, with great momentum; it can maintain its speed well even during head-on collisions. Damage resistance is also good. Cornering is the Tow Truck's weakness, because even though it has a decent turning radius, it loses a great deal of speed around any corner and has slow response. Its top speed and acceleration are poor. Before Los Muertos is eliminated, one of these always appears outside the Agency tunnel in La Mugre when a fight breaks out between the gang and the Peacekeepers. After Los Muertos is wiped out, this truck can be found next to Guerra's nightclub inside the chain-link gates. It may appear just outside the gates of Garcia's villa, but whether or not it appears there can be somewhat random.

Dump Truck - Another large vehicle, the Dump Truck is an unusual sight on the road. It can most frequently be seen in the Den on the roads leading to the Corridor, and occasionally on freeways. Several are also parked in Romanova's quarry. The Dump Truck has stiff handling and a low top speed, but it accelerates well. It doesn't resist damage as well as some other large vehicles, so be careful when ramming through obstacles. Accelerating from low gear can lift the front tires off the ground, making it impossible to steer for a moment.

Long-Nose Box Truck - This is a large vehicle driven randomly by civilians. Considering its size, it can reach a decent top speed, and cornering isn't bad, although the truck requires a little goading to turn in. A few of these can be found in the parking areas inside Melissa Fang-Yin's compound.

Box Truck - The flat-nosed model of the city's box trucks, this one resembles the Long-Nose Box Truck in performance, but with slightly better steering and slightly less top speed. It is driven randomly by civilians and is fairly uncommon.

Large Box Truck - Distinguished visually from its cousins by the vertical exhaust pipe running up next to the cab, the Large Box Truck has a terrible turning radius and sluggish response. It is bigger than the other box trucks and is found driven randomly by civilians.

Minivan - This vehicle has very poor handling, with a wide turning radius, poor acceleration to mediocre top speed, and slow response, particularly in high gear. It is driven randomly by civilians. See "Panel Truck" below for a description of its appearance. {Top Speed - 148/149 mph}

Panel Truck - There are 3 civilian vehicles that could be called "vans": the Minivan, the Heavy-Duty Van, and the Panel Truck. The Minivan does not have much of a flattened area on its nose to feature a grill; the hood keeps a diagonal slope all the way to the end, and windows run along each side all the way to the rear. The Heavy-Duty Van and the Panel Truck don't have these windows running back; you can tell these two apart because the Panel Truck is smaller and has a longer nose (it's also the only one of these two that is actually driven on the streets with any frequency). It has well-controlled handling and is surprisingly agile in corners. Top speed: 128 mph.

Heavy-Duty Van - It's rare to see this vehicle anywhere; one of them can always be found behind Guerra's nightclub, and if you attempt to cross the bridge to Garcia's villa, his guards will use these vans to block your path or run you over. It has strong acceleration and a fairly low top speed, and although it can turn into a corner fairly well, the tires don't maintain contact with the road very well (the suspension feels hard), reducing the turning radius as they come in and out of proper grip. The handbrake is useful in aligning the van properly through tight corners. It has respectable damage resistance.

Classic Van - Resembling the '60s-era hippie vans, this is one of the game's rarest vehicles. It is almost impossible to see it in the streets, and it is found parked in only one place. Biragov's hideout in the Den has an outdoor garage area that usually houses several APCs. Across the street, there is a smaller outdoor garage; the Classic Van should be parked in one of the spaces (you can also find the sometimes-elusive Volk Limousine here). Different vehicles appear in this area when Biragov is still alive, so you'll need to remove him to trigger this van. Sometimes, it fails to appear, but quitting and reloading the game should fix the problem. It's a little lacking in speed and cornering, but its handling shortcomings are easily dealt with and it makes for an interesting ride, especially because it has good low-gear power.

Coupe - Probably the most valuable civilian racing vehicle, the Coupe earns its stars through speed alone. Its top speed is very impressive and its acceleration easily outmatches that of most other vehicles. The brakes on the car are possibly the best in the game, so effective that they overcome the ability of the tires to keep from skidding; hard braking tends to cause sudden rear-end slides because of this. Its response is lightning-quick, demanding careful attention from the driver to avoid oversteering. Although the response slows down at speed, the radius stays quite good. The car's weak link is its traction; at the speeds it reaches and the intense acceleration required to reach them, the tires sometimes are unable to maintain a stable corner, owing partially to the stiff suspension. The most common problem arising from this is a brief skid that throws the car off the line it was originally taking through the corner, although this is a relatively mild problem if the driver anticipates it before corners arrive. Overall, this is one of the game's best vehicles, and a fantastic racing performer. It is driven randomly by civilians and can be found more often on freeways and major streets.

Cabriolet - An impeccable performer, the Cabriolet features solid handling combined with fine acceleration and speed. The Cabriolet is strikingly agile on the road, with great traction, quick response and a very tight turning radius. A quick jab on the brakes is enough to slide it into tight corners at speed, and its controlled power prevents it from breaking loose during hard maneuvers. It is driven quite commonly by civilians, most often in La Mugre. {Top Speed - 145 mph}

Sportscar - This car doesn't have the impressive acceleration of the Cabriolet, but it tops out at greater speed. The Sportscar is less agile than some of its cousins, with a wider turning radius and less sharp handling. However, this makes it easier to control, and its stability is very nice; its brakes are also very good. The handbrake can help overcome high-speed cornering difficulty. For drivers who aren't comfortable with the more sensitive racing stock, this car is ideal. It is driven randomly by civilians and is more common in the Corridor than in the other districts. {Top Speed - 145 mph}

Luxury Sportscar- The top speed for this car is extraordinary, but it takes time to get there. It features acceleration akin to the Sportscar, demanding a long stretch to realize its full potential. It has faster response that the Sportscar, but its turning radius seems to decrease more quickly at higher speeds. This car puts out enough torque to burn rubber in first gear, but it finds its footing easily. The handbrake on this car can sling the rear into a 180 in the blink of an eye. Civilians randomly drive this car, although less frequently than other performance vehicles; it appears more frequently in the Corridor than in the other districts. {Top Speed - 188 mph}

Sports Pickup - This truck isn't difficult to get because civilians frequently drive it. Its high wheelbase makes it useful for navigating rough areas, but on more open parts of the city, its top speed is low. It has decent agility and response in low gear, but it suffers greatly in terms of handling as it picks up speed, with a terrible turning radius. It can be found outside Garcia's villa or Diaz's hideout.

Pickup - This truck can be found outside Garcia's villa or near the southern supply point on La Mugre's north island (the supply point next to the Los Muertos statue). It can be readily distinguished from the Sports Pickup by the roll bars extending out to the end of the bed, and because it has two doors, not four. It can handle rough terrain very well because of its large tires, good suspension, and high wheelbase. It comes up short in top speed, but there's nothing wrong with its power. Body roll is present, making the truck a little more susceptible to rollover, but this doesn't hamper its cornering much. Civilians usually drive the Sports Pickup instead of this one.

SUV - You can find this vehicle outside Diaz's hideout, or near the supply point on La Mugre's north island next to the Los Muertos statue. The SUV is not meant for use off-road; it has low power, bad suspension, has low ground clearance, and is top-heavy, making it susceptible to rollover. Even on normal streets, however, it has sluggish acceleration and doesn't reach a very impressive top speed. It is agile at low speed and has responsive handling, with top-notch traction. Civilians frequently drive them.

Station Wagon - This is a normal old fashioned 1990's style station wagon, maybe a little nicer. Its speed and handling don't stand out, but it has good power (it looks somewhat like the type of station wagon designed to accommodate rough or off-road driving). It is randomly driven by civilians and is fairly common.

4-Door Sedan - Acceleration is poor in this vehicle, and it can only reach an average top speed. Although its response is a little slow, it is agile at low speeds and has good traction and brakes, making for a steady, comfortable feel. It has a good turning radius, but it loses a good deal of speed in any corner; the handbrake can help tighten up the corners, but the car does not slide. It can be distinguished from the other two sedan types by the way its bumpers poke out. It is driven randomly by civilians and is the most common vehicle in the game. {Top Speed 125-130}

Sport Sedan - This car has a more rounded and refined look than the other sedans, and it boasts slightly superior performance. The turning radius is wide, but the brakes help with cornering and the car has a ton of low-gear power, making for some burnt-rubber fun. It is driven randomly by civilians.

Classic Sedan - The rear of this car sweeps down a little, and the rest of it has a bit of a retro appearance. It has a strong but well-balanced engine and a loose rear end, and is driven randomly by civilians.

Sub-Compact - This is a tiny two-door hatchback with poor handling response and unimpressive speed. It has decent acceleration and is stable in corners, although its turning radius isn't very good. It is driven randomly by civilians.

4-Door Hatchback - The slightly larger cousin of the Sub-Compact, the 4-Door Hatchback has a more sporty look. It can reach a decent top speed, and it has moderate response time with a fairly poor turning radius. It is driven randomly by civilians.

Baggage Carrier - A slow-moving car with an orange flashing light attached. This is the slowest vehicle in the game, and one of the rarest, only appearing in two places depending on your progress. There are two of them sitting on a platform with a large number of fuel barrels on Golyak's oil rig, but they only appear there AFTER he is dead. This is advantageous because detonating the barrels destroys the vehicles (remember, though, that carrying a destroyed vehicle back to the Agency garage is still a viable way to impound it). To retrieve one of these vehicles from the platform, jump down with it in hand until you reach the "front gate" at sea level. Carefully walk along the black pipe holding the vehicle until you are as close as possible to the shore. Make a running leap for the shore on the left side, aim up, and mash the right trigger until the Agent throws the vehicle. It should land up near the street, ready to be driven away. The only other place to find it is in Rzeznik's parking garage in the Corridor, which is accessible via the streets, but it only appears there BEFORE he dies, and driving it out of there would be suicidal. It is fragile and has a very tight turning radius. {Top Speed - 50 mph}

Los Muertos Vehicles

Slammed Pickup - This pickup has plenty of power, and its engine makes a fantastic sound when its revs up. Although it has smooth handling, its turn response is somewhat lacking, making high-speed maneuvers dangerous. It has some toughness against damage. The only way to get this vehicle is to steal one from the Los Muertos hit squads; it isn't parked anywhere and the regular patrols hardly ever use it.

Modified Sportscar - Capable of very high speed and featuring responsive handling, this car is excellent for racing. Controlling the throttle allows it easily navigate corners, and it is very stable. It is also one of the most common gang vehicles in the game; regular patrols and hit squads use them all the time, and Diaz's race track always has a couple of them in the garages at the rear. {Top Speed -- 177/178 mph}

Muscle Car - It takes some nerve to handle this car; it has extreme torque and low traction, such that acceleration in the first and second gears can be entirely out of control. The car tends to skid in corners and demands full attention from the driver. Overall, the car is fun but a little impractical. It is one of the rarest cars in the game; the only place it can be found reliably is in the outer courtyard across the bridge from Garcia's villa, sitting in front of a closed garage.

Pony Car - This vehicle seems to have been designed with drifting in mind; it has a loose rear end and plenty of power to break traction with, but it is balanced enough that it can remain stable while sliding, allowing for controlled, stylish drifts. The car has a high top speed, with respectable acceleration, but the car's bad turning radius becomes highly evident at speed (its ability to slide allows careful use of the brakes to overcome this problem in lower gears). It can be found behind Guerra's nightclub, and with a Modified Hatchback on the sidewalk among the hairpin corners near Martinez's hideout.

Modified Van - This van isn't particularly fast, but it's a wild ride even in low gear. The Modified Van has extreme torque that makes maintaining control under acceleration difficult, and once traction breaks on the rear tires, it slides easily. It isn't a stable vehicle and can flip over fairly easily in a wreck. One of these can always be found just inside the entrance to Diaz's race track in La Mugre. {Top Speed - 134 mph}

Lowrider - The Lowrider has bizarre handling that relates to an overall lack of traction. The tires can be felt slipping in normal cornering, but the more potent effects occur when braking into turns or letting off the gas to corner better at speed. These maneuvers tend to throw the back end out, although the engine doesn't produce enough torque to cause out-of-control slides if acceleration is resumed partway through. Whether you resume acceleration during or after the slide, the tail must be kept in check, because it swings very hard and will pull the rest of the car with it if the motion isn't checked. It regains traction quickly after the tail has been brought back into line, allowing acceleration to resume very quickly, even after a 180; this allows the slides to be used as cornering aids. Top speed is good, but its acceleration could be a touch better. It is a rather elusive vehicle; it can be found sitting in the construction area outside Sanchez's hideout, but only while she's ALIVE. Other than this, Los Muertos patrols sometimes drive them early on.

Modified Hatchback - Acceleration is lacking in this car, but its top speed is good. The rear end is slightly loose, having a tendency to swing after using aggressive braking to put the car's nose into a corner. The resultant slide is easily managed as the long as the driver doesn't over-compensate and fishtail the car. By contrast, hard acceleration usually isn't enough to break traction. The car is fairly agile, and the sliding can help it speed through turns. It can be found in Diaz's hideout in a garage at the back, or with a Pony Car on the sidewalk among the hairpin corners near Martinez's hideout.

Modified Saloon - This car has good top speed and acceleration, not necessarily great on either, but not bad at all. A noteworthy trait is that it maintains a good turning radius at full speed; this helps the car navigate its path more easily on the whole, but with reaction time reduced at high speed, its agility can become hazardous if the driver is too careless in how sharply maneuvers are carried out. Its handling is very comfortable, and it responds nicely. It can be found behind Guerra's nightclub.

Volk Vehicles


SCUD Launcher - Next to the Touring Bus, this vehicle is tied for largest in the game. While intimidating, the SCUD Launcher is more of a pain to drive than something fun. It's one of the game's slowest vehicles, topping out at approximately 80 mph, and its acceleration is the worst in the game; it can take a matter of seconds for the vehicle to even begin moving. Even with such low speed, the Launcher has so much momentum that the brakes take a long time to slow it down from even moderate rates of motion, although using the handbrake along with the brakes fixes this problem. Its turning ability is awful, and the brakes do little to help. In addition, despite its large tires, a stiff suspension makes it vulnerable to tipping over. Resilient against bullets, the Launcher is nonetheless vulnerable to collision/undercarriage damage and highly vulnerable to explosive damage. If the vehicle detonates, the missile on the roof will contribute to the power of the blast at a level similar to the exploding missiles in Romanova's quarry. One of these can be found parked on land in front of the broken bridges leading to Rabotnikov's hideout (sometimes, it is replaced by a Military SUV; quit and reload to force it to reappear), but Volk hit squads also use it.

Popular Saloon - The picture on the left above is the Popular Saloon. It is used inconsistently by Volk patrols. Two can always be found in a fenced area just north of the dockyard in the Den that houses a Road Race marker; find the giant Volk gear monument next to the freeway, then cross the freeway facing northwards, and the fenced area will be right in front of you. The car's handling response is hampered at speed, but the handbrake or even aggressive application of the normal brakes will make the car slide into a corner with precision. Its braking power is superb and the cornering is fairly stable.

Luxury Saloon - The picture on the right above is the Luxury Saloon. It can be found all around the oil refinery in the Den, and Gryzunova's black market in the Den (located immediately south of the Den square; it's a bullet-shaped complex where immigrants are frequently seen in shootouts with Volk sentries) also contains a couple. It has low traction and immense power; low gears make for serious burnt rubber. Once it gets up to speed, it becomes more steady, with decent cornering ability.

APC - One of the game's toughest vehicles, the APC can withstand an impressive amount of rockets and grenades, and is nearly impervious to gunfire, although the driver can be badly wounded if an enemy fires into the cab through the door. Another noteworthy trait is its ground clearance; its large tires allow it to roll over most low obstacles, even freeway guardrails, with ease. However, since the middle axle is the only one connected to the drivetrain, the APC can get stuck if the front or rear end rides up on an object and lifts the middle axle off the ground. Handling is responsive and it can make corners well, but acceleration and top speed are deficient. Several APCs can be found in the outdoor parking area outside Biragov's hideout, and Volk patrols use them often.

Flatbed Tractor - A couple of these can always be found in the Den; they form a barricade at the access point for the broken bridges leading to Rabotnikov's hideout on the water. They can also be found at an entrance to the dockyard. They have terrible acceleration, but high enough torque that the front axles will hop into the air upon starting, which briefly prevents the driver from steering. Handling response is poor, and so is the turning radius. Its only useful trait is that its massive tires allow it to roll over large obstacles, but it doesn't resist damage well, so watch the undercarriage.

Military SUV - This vehicle can be found easily in Romanova's quarry. It is very stable, with a wide wheelbase and good suspension. The Military SUV accelerates well through the first couple of gears, but reaching its top speed takes a while. Cornering is its worst trait; although fairly responsive, the vehicle must slow down significantly to make even wide corners. It can take decent punishment before breaking down. {Top Speed - 130 mph}

Volk Limousine - This car can be found reliably in the outdoor parking area across the street from Biragov's hideout (the Classic Van is also here). It has a terrible turning radius, but this can be overcome with proper use of the handbrake. In low-speed turns, the handbrake is a detriment, but in high-speed turns, it allows the Limousine to swing through corners quite nicely. It can reach a decent top speed, although its acceleration is lacking. Be careful to avoid collisions; the Limousine doesn't resist damage well at all.

Military Truck - A large cargo truck with high ground clearance and large tires. This vehicle turns well at speed and extraordinarily well at low speed, and it has stable and responsive handling. It takes a moment to begin accelerating, but there's nothing wrong with the rate beyond that, and it can reach a decent top speed. Braking is a problem for this vehicle; lots of distance is required to slow down even from low speeds. Volk patrols use this truck all the time, and many of them are parked around Romanova's quarry.

Shai-Gen Vehicles

Shai-Gen Sportscar - Deserving a nod for looks alone, the Shai-Gen Sportscar proves its worth in performance. Response is a little slow, but the turning radius is decent, especially when braking into a corner. Its stability produces comfortable, precise handling, with good traction helping the car keep its footing. Acceleration is good and leads to an excellent top speed. Fragility is a problem with this car, especially because the mildly slow response can cause crippling wrecks at high speed. Use of the handbrake is not recommended; the resulting slide is very quick and hard to control. Like most of the Shai-Gen vehicles, it can be found in many places; a couple are parked on display stands in the dome containing Oakley's hideout, there are some in the parking area on the east side of Mrs. Timbol's hideout, and Shai-Gen hit squads drive them often.

Shai-Gen Sedan - A common vehicle in the Corridor, this sedan is a decent all-around car. Its top speed isn't bad, although its acceleration could be better. Handling is very stable and a little slow to respond; the car tends to swing a bit wide in the corners, although this problem can be controlled with either light braking turns or by letting off the throttle if it isn't moving too fast. Traction loss is a non-point in this car; it just doesn't seem to happen. The handbrake can release the engine's torque into a very controlled slide that helps immensely with tight corners. If you want something reliable but not too quick, take this car. It can be found in the parking area to the right of the main entrance of Czernenko's hideout, in the parking area on the east side of Mrs. Timbol's hideout, and in Rzeznik's parking garage.

Shai-Gen Van - This van has nice handling, with response and a turning radius superior to the other vans in the city. It is stable, but in the lowest gears, the engine can rev up enough to break traction on the rear tires, making the Van capable-in a limited way-of doing slides, although briefly letting off the gas or tapping the brakes followed by hard acceleration and turning is far more effective in this regard than use of the throttle alone. Slides can also be done by letting off the gas and turning at higher speeds; the traction is low enough to allow to Van to become loose if provoked properly, but high enough to prevent overall handling difficulty. Its top speed isn't thrilling, but it has decent acceleration. Sometimes driven by Shai-Gen patrols, it can also be found parked just inside Czernenko's hideout on the right, and in Rzeznik's parking garage.

Shai-Gen Limousine - This car doesn't handle very well, but it can give a fun ride to anyone looking for something different. Its weight helps keep it steady, but it has low traction and a lot of torque, making it easy to slide the rear end using either the handbrake or aggressive acceleration in corners. Its sluggish response and size combine to cause major collision problems in turns, even though its turning radius isn't particularly wide for a vehicle this long. Its acceleration and speed fail to impress. It can be found in front of the tunnel entrance to the dome containing Oakley's hideout, or in the massive parking area underneath Wang's skyscraper.

6WD SUV - Nothing about this vehicle stands out as being particularly good; it has a decent top speed, but it takes a while to get there with its slow acceleration, and it has slow response and a bad turning radius. It seems to have good torque (the front axle lifts noticeably during early acceleration), but it isn't enough to allow for powerslides or burnouts. The slowness of its handling at least allows precise control even at the vehicle's highest speeds. The handbrake can be used at rather high speed to allow decent cornering, and the vehicle has good momentum, maintaining its course well during collisions. It can be found in the small garage underneath Cowell's tower, in the parking area just east of Mrs. Timbol's hideout, and on display stands in the dome containing Oakley's hideout.

Shai-Gen SUV - Looking more like a pickup truck than an SUV, this vehicle has a lot of power but unimpressive acceleration; the power causes the front axle to rise during initial acceleration and can interfere a little with steering. Hard initial acceleration and aggressive braking in corners can produce fun slides, but the handbrake has much better results. It regains traction quickly and is easy to control overall. Its handling response and turning radius are both good. It can't put out a very high top speed. This SUV can be found outside the garage under Cowell's tower, and in the parking area on the eats side of Mrs. Timbol's hideout.

Shai-Gen Truck Cab - One of the game's rarer vehicles, this truck can reach a rather impressive top speed considering its size, and it accelerates admirably well. Its turning radius is very wide, even at low speed, and its handling response feels inferior to the civilian truck cabs, although it withstands damage better. Braking before leaving off the throttle into a turn can help the cab corner better. It can only be found parked outside the small garage under Cowell's tower, and Shai-Gen patrols use it once in a great while.

Note: - Top speeds may not be exact, but they were all tested on the highway or certain long straight routes. The speed is recorded while on level ground, not going up or down hill. -BoofBoof

I have recorded places where the different vehicles may be found based on the state of the city when all gangs have been wiped out. Having different key criminals alive may alter the frequency or locations where certain vehicles can be found. The locations recorded are meant to provide the most consistent and reliable locations; certain vehicles may be present in more locations than those listed or may not appear in the indicated position every time the game loads. Posted by TheSilverPhoenix.