Game manual

This is just the manual which you get with the game. I took out some bits because they are already at this wiki or are not really needed. I took out the weapons and HUD part, I also took out the Xbox Live, Credits, Warranty and the Xbox Customer Support part. I also changed some bits because this isn't a book.

Field Manual

Table of contents:

  1. Your objective
  2. Campaign
  3. Time Trials
  4. Agency Supply Points
  5. Vehicles
  6. Precision Targeting
  7. Croucing & Jumping
  8. Hit Squads
  9. Increasing your Skills
  10. Climbing & agility orbs

1. Your objective:

Welcome, Recruit.

The Agency is grateful that you have volunteerd to use your knowledge and skills to serve the people of Pacific City.

We won't mince words --- the situation is dire. You are our last hope.

Pacific City, our nation's capital, is currently controlled by three violent merciless, and highly organized gangs --- Los Muertos, the Volk, and the Shai-Gen Corporation.

In response to this crime wave of epic proportions, The Agency is expoiting the work of disgraced scientist (and Shai-Gen general) Dr. Baltazar Czernenko, whose controversial human-modification program is being used to create agents like yourself who are capable of unparalleled evolution and regeneration.

The only comfort we can offer is the assurance that death has no meaning for Agents like you. When your physical form has sacrificed all it can, you can leave the husk behind and regenrate with renewd health and a completely new physical appearence. As a tool of The Agency, you are one and you are many.

Your Primary objective, and the objective of all Agents, is to dismantle these three gangs by eleminating their leaders, thereby restoring peace and prosperity to the people of Pacific City.

Your job won't be easy, Recruit, but you have the full force of The Agency behind you. Good luck.

2. Campaign:

In Campaign mode, you have two choices: you can battle gang bosses by yourself, or you can double your effectiveness by enlisting the help of other Agents via system link or Xbox LiveĀ® (a hard drive is required for co-op play).

Your singular focus in Campaign mode is on tracking down and eliminating the 21 gang bosses who control the streets of Pacific City. The higher they are in the gang's hierarchy, the better. Please note, however, that the gangs itself won't collapse completely until you elimate its kingpin, its generals, and all of its gang members.

The Agency maintains dossiers --- detailed records on the known associates, activities, and frequented hangouts --- for all 21 key gang figures. These dossiers are available to you at all times via the Agency Info menu.

When any of the 21 gang leaders are in close proximity, the Tracker on your HUD will also direct you to his/her physical location.

3. Time Trials:

Each time you locate one of the 21 gang bosses, you unlock a new Time Trials mission that challenges you to beat your best time in taking down that particular gang boss.

A time Trials mission is like a steel-cage death match --- the gang boss' physical location is transformed into an enclosed arena, and it's up to you to battle your way through the armed guards and protectors to eliminate the gang boss and do it even faster tan you did before.

When playing a Time Trials mission in Co-op mode, a hard drive is not required for you or your partner.

Difficulty Levels

In both Campaign mode and Time Trials, you can control how challenging your assignment will be by choosing one of three levels --- Tough, Ruthless, and Psychotic. The difficulty level you choose determines the toughness of the gang members you're going after.

It is strongly advised that rookie Agents stick with the Tough skill level until they have developed an intimate knowledge of Pacific City and its crime lords.

4. Agency Supply Points:

Agency Supply Points are strategically positioned throughout Pacific City and provide a crucial and convenient means of replenishing your ammo supplies and health. You can also use them as shortcuts around the city.

Agency Supply Points are camouflaged bend to their surroundings. When you get in the vicinity of one, its presence is reveald by a marker, an orange beam of light that is displayed on your HUD. You can als;o use the map, available via the Agency Info menu, to locate active Supply Points.

Your Gang-busting assignment begins in the heart of The Agency's stronghold, The Keep, which is both an Agency Supply Point and the home of The Agency Garage, where you can pick up one of three Agency vehicles, all of which are capable of dramatic transformation.

As a rookie Agent, you should focus immediately on locating and claiming additional Agency Supply Points, so you can use them for their main benefit --- instant travel between Supply Points.

Also, when you confiscate weapons or explosives from gang members, you can add those items to your personal armory by taking them back to an Agency Supply Point. After you've stored a confiscated weapon in one Supply Point, you can pick it up from any unlocked Supply Point.

5. Vehicles:

As a rookie Agent, your basic driving skills are such that you are capable of accessing and instantly familiarizing yourself with any vehicle you encounter, whether it's a civilian, gang, or Agency vehicle. Just jump in, and put the pedal to the metal.

As your driving skill rating improves, you'll find your reaction times are faster and you're naturally more in tune with any vehicle you drive. The proof of your driving skills evolution is most evident when you climb behind the wheel of Agency vehicles, which transform in synch with your developing skills.

With your driving abilities at their peak, you'll be capable of extracting the maximum performance from any vehicle, whether you're on the road or in the air, and your effect on Agency vehicles will be nothing short of phenomenal.

For more information on increasing your Driving skill rating, see "Stunt Markers, Rooftop & Road races" further on in the manual.

6. Precision Targeting:

The Agency's powerfull recognition and targeting system, which is built into your HUD, allows you to acquire a lock on a target and maintain that lock even as you move around.

The targeting system is designed to automatically highlight vulnerable points on a locked target, which makes precision targeting more convenient.

A car's gas cap and tire are highlighted, for example, when you lock onto a vehicle target, and the heads, arms, and legs of human targets are highlighted when you're targeting gang members. As you will discover, different precision-targeting points have different effects on the target as a whole. You can shoot an armed terget's arm, for example, to remove any weapon in hand (and then pick it up and add it to your personal arsenal).

When the aiming reticule in your HUD turns red, you can acquire a lock on a target. Use the right stick to aim and select the target, and then pull the left trigger to lock onto the target. The longer you maintain the target lock, the greater the accuracy and effectiveness of your shot when taken.You can also use target lock to increase your accuracy when throwing grenades, dead bodies, disabled vehicles, or other objects.

7. Crouching & Jumping:

Crouching has several benefits: it can help you find cover behind smaller objects, and it can also help steady your aim. To switch between crouching and standing, click the left stick.

The Agency also highly recommends that you take the time to perfect your jumping skills. A well-timed leap can be an effective means of avoiding harm.
It can also help you bridge the gaps between building rooftops more easily. To jump, press and hold A or click the right stick.

8. Hit Squads:

When your actions as an Agent start undermining the effectiveness of gang operations, the gang kingpins will deploy Hit Squads to aggressively track you down and take you out.

If, on the other hand, an Agent malfunctions and starts killing innocent civilians and Agency Peacekeppers, the Agent will be flagged as rogue and hunted down by all available Agency enforcers in the area.

Gang Hit Squad and Enforcer warnings are displayed on your HUD to warn you when Hit Squads from either side are incoming. The locations of Hit Squads and Enforcers are also displayed on your Tracker.

9. Increasing your Skills:

As a new Agent, you possess standard abilities in five core skills --- Agility, Strength, Firearms, Explosives, and Driving. With hard work and persistence, you can achieve the pinnacle --- four star ratings in all five of these core skill areas.

As a rookie Agent, you'll use these core skills to remove criminals from the streets. The more criminals you remove, the mover you develop relevant skills.

As you use your core skills, the Skills Status meters, located on the left side of your HUD (see HUD page), display your progress toward reaching the next skill level in each core area. It also displays your current stare rating for eacht core skill.

Keep an eye out for hidden Orbs as you explore the city. They can help you increase your skill ratings.

10. Climbing & Agility Orbs:

The best Agents use the environment to their advantage wherever possible. For example, you can use even the smallest ledge or tiny outcropping to help you scale even the tallest structures. When hanging from a ledge, use your powerful upper-body strength (by pressing A or the right stick) to launch yourself upward.

As you're exploring the city's heights by climbing and scalling walls, you can collect Agency Agility Markers (also calles Agility Orbs), the glowing green marekers located on rooftops and high ledges all over the city, to increase your Agility skill rating. The taller the Agility Orb, the more it increases your Agility skill rating.