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Crackdown (a.k.a Riot Act in Japan) is a game for the Xbox 360 developed by Real Time Worlds and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It is a true sandbox game, similar in some ways to Grand Theft Auto.

Crackdown is set in the fictional Pacific City, which is filled with crime, gangs and pollution. The gang activity is so widespread and vicious, that even the police force known as the Peacekeepers is outnumbered and outgunned. In Crackdown, you are an Agent of The Agency, a genetically enhanced superhuman created in order to clean up Pacific City. Working for the Agency, you get sent out into the city to rid it of the gangs crackdownjpbox.jpg
and restore law and order once more. Your genetically enhance body makes you capable
of jumping great distances, lifting heavy objects and shooting and blowing up whatever you like. A large array of vehicles are also available to drive.

As you play, you'll be able level up your five core abilities: Firearms, Explosives, Strength, Driving and Agility. Updating each of these abilities increases your agent's superhuman abilities.

For those that have Xbox Live Gold, you have another whole way to go about the game. You will be able to play online Co-Op with a friend or join and host games where people you don't know can join, and complete missions or just wreak havoc in the city. Every mission available in Solo Play is also available in Co-Op. Aside from Co-Op, you are also able to participate in a one on one fight between the Agents, spanning across an entire city. Some time after the release of Crackdown, Downloadable Content will be released adding more fun to an all ready great game.

For those lucky enough purchase Crackdown on it's first shipment, you'll be invited to join the Halo 3 Multiplayer BETA, for free. So if you want the H3 beta, make sure to pick it up on launch!

See the demo page for information on the demo.

Questions and Answers

exploding lamb asks: "How long will it take approximately to max out all skills, and kill all gang bosses in the game?"
Phabulus Gamer replies: "Honestly it's impossible to tell, but I would have to guess it depends on your skill. If you're the ultimate gamer it might take 7 hours. If you're a noob it could take 3 weeks."

Phabulus Gamer asks: " Is it 'Halo3 Beta with Free Crackdown" or "Crackdown with Free Halo 3 Beta
Please don't post rhetoric questions like this, post actual questions about the game and related articles. By the way, it's Crackdown with Free Halo 3 Beta :)

Nook29 asks: "Will the cars differ greatly from island to island?"
Haubdan replies: " Yes and no. They will differ from island to island in the sense that different gangs drive different vehicles, but will remain the same as far as civilian vehicles."

Chief Emu asks: "Are there many more weapons in the game and on other islands? Or does the demo show all?"
exploding lamb replies: "There are lots more! For example the Volk have a rocket launcher (as well as many more for both the other gangs)."

Nook29 asks: "In the full game, will there be any buildings taller than the Agency building, or is the Agency building the highest we can go?"
Typhoon360 replies: "No, there are a few other buildings that are close to the same height but the Agency building it the tallest building in the entire game."

HONDURANBLOOD24 asks : "Will Crackdown have a story to it? What about cinematics?"
Typhoon360 replies: "Yes, but the story line is weak. That is one of the only bad things about Crackdown."

Bjorntju asks: "Can you go in the whole island if you start the game for the first time?"
Nook29 replies: "Yes, you can go wherever you like on the island in the game. You can, if you so wish, beat the final boss straight away, but it'd be very hard. The game can be played how you like."

Haubdan asks: "Do the skills in the retail game differ from te skills in the demo in the sense that the maximum level has a differ between the two ( ie. with 4 star agility in demo you can jump 30 ft, but in the game you can jump 'x' feet)?
Nook29 replies: "The skills don't differ in how they work, so you can't jump higher. However, you level up faster in the demo. This is the only difference in the abilities."

Haubdan asks: " What all differs from the demo and the retail game? Will there be anything we don't know about?"
exploding lamb replies: "The demo of course contains a much smaller portion of the entire game map (1 island of 2 that belong to 1 of 3 gangs. About 1/6 the entire map.) There are less weapons, increased skill progression (by 10x), no 'jump in' co-op. In the retail game there are also training videos, and other videos accessible from the menu. Hope this answered your question! By the way, there will be nothing that we don't know about"

GrayLEG09 asks: "How do some of you guys already know so much about in-game play in the retail game if it isn't released yet?"
Nook29 replies: "There are a number of videos out that tell us a lot about the game. But obviously, as we've all played the demo, we know what it'll be like from that. The demo is basically the full game, but limited and sped up levelling up."

TheUnkownError asks: "Wouldn't crackdown be boring if you only have 4 levels to obtain (Repetitive much?)? & why does the strategy guide come out before the game? (Strategy guide,feb. 9th;game,feb. 20th)
- DogEyedBoy DogEyedBoy replies: "That all depends on you and how you play, leveling your skills to max is just one part of the game. There are 12 rooftop races, 14 road races, a bunch of stunt markers, 300 hidden orb, 500 agility orbs, the generals and kingpins to kills and not forgetting the huge possibilities for just messing around in the sandbox that is Crackdown. If you still want more go through the game again with a maxed out agent and a friend on psychotic difficulty, I'm sure that'll keep you busy. Crackdown fans desperate for some more info will jump at the chance to buy the guide as soon as possible and releasing it earlier also means they'll sell more copies before all the online guides pop up."

jiminy billybob asks: "are there any glitches or easter eggs in crackdown? If there are some, can someone make a page on this website for them please?"
BoofBoof replies: " We do know of existing glitches in the demo (including the ramp truck glitch that sends a car flying), these glitches were most likely removed from the main game"
Nitronia replies: "The only glitches i have noticed in the full version of the game are; slowing- where the game doesn't load car models in time so drivers appear to be floating in the air, seated, and "The Legal Murder" as i call it, is that i've found if you kill a peacekeeper or civilian by throwing there car in the water (drowning) you will not anger the peacekeepers, nor will the agentcy symbol appear on the screen (it can clearly be seen that the driver of the car is dead as there body flies out of the car when it hits the water)"

CoolKIdCrazid asks: "Is the name of the person you play as just agent? Also can you change the clothes and things like that of him?"
exploding lamb replies: "The agent doesn't actually have a name at all, because he is a clone! Also, your agent's clothes/armour can't be changed, sorry"

random gamer asks: "So what this Keys to the City thing?"
Elixer replies: "Keys to the city is basically an all out cheat mode. It lets you edit your stats (as in, you can have 4 star everything, or 2 stars on something and 3 stars on another, etc.), spawn vehicles, have Godmode, infinite ammo, empty the streets, and loads more. It even has a "Super Agility" and "Super Strength" mode that allows you to jump around 50 feet instead of the normal 30 (for the Super Agility) and then lets you throw giant objects as far as you could a grenade (for Super Strength). Personally, I think that after you beat the game and max everything out, etc., you should soley play this instead of the actual game, it's far more fun this way.